Michigan rap dude, 1/2 of Passalacqua. I drink a lot of coffee and am generally pretty pleasant.
i call this, “Sergei Fedorav”.
*dies from high-fiving*

i call this, “Sergei Fedorav”.

*dies from high-fiving*

CHURCH sees the duo operating at peak performance, making music that transcends the limits of the rap game. The revival that Passalacqua staged this summer will continue on forever with this record.

nice words from Detroit Music Magazine about our latest album.

Style Wars (1983)

watch this when you get a minute.

Lee Hazlewood

—Tulsa Sunday

the only song i’ve been able to listen to recently.

———- AMEN ———-

(Source: Spotify)

our new album, CHURCH, is available now!