Michigan rap dude, 1/2 of Passalacqua. I drink a lot of coffee and am generally pretty pleasant.

what i’ve been doing:

- using my aeropress all day, every day
- reading Johnny Cash’s autobiography (homie almost got killed by an ostrich)
- avoiding computers for the first two hours i’m up (anxiety can wait ‘til 10am)
- reacquainting myself with trader joe’s hash browns
- stretching
- gearing up to finish the new Passalacqua album
- promoting our current new one in the meantime
- forgetting how to tumbl and tweet and all that, and being okay with it.
- listening to a lot of aussie hip hop
- making lists
- keeping calm

hope you’re well.

skaagz asked: Hey man, I saw you guys at the Crofoot with Why? and I have to say that your music is amazing, you're easily one my favorite bands. Keep being awesome, hopefully I can see you at another show soon.

thanks, man! really appreciate that.
our next show in the area is a benefit for Third Wave Music on 11.7 (here’s the fb event)

all future show dates can be found at passalacquamusic.com (along with our videos and all that)


i call this, “Sergei Fedorav”.
*dies from high-fiving*

i call this, “Sergei Fedorav”.

*dies from high-fiving*

CHURCH sees the duo operating at peak performance, making music that transcends the limits of the rap game. The revival that Passalacqua staged this summer will continue on forever with this record.

nice words from Detroit Music Magazine about our latest album.

Style Wars (1983)

watch this when you get a minute.

Lee Hazlewood

—Tulsa Sunday

the only song i’ve been able to listen to recently.

———- AMEN ———-

(Source: Spotify)